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cruelty free tattoo ink made for smooth saturation
the best tattoo ink

Contact us if you have any questions, need help with an order or if you just want to say hi. We're very friendly and we're always happy to chat.


aesthetic tattoo station set up with ink caps


Absolutely and quite regularly. Sign up for our emails so that you're always the first to know.

Do you ever have sales or promos?

Our inks are carried in the U.K. with Starr Tattoo Supply.  Until we have perfected inks that we feel meet our high standards and are REACH compliant, we will not enter the EU market.  We do not feel any inks we've tested are proper quality under the current regulations. It takes years of research and testing to ensure that inks will perform well.  So the long answer is YES, once we are happy with healed results under the REACH regulations we will have a compliant line.

Will you ever have a REACH compliant line in the EU?

We don't take sponsorship applications. Instead we scout for artists that are really making a positive impact in the community.  If you want to hit the radar, the best way is to tag us on IG if you're using the inks with the hashtag #electrumink or mention us in your IG stories @electrum_ink Hit us up at a convention, say "HI" we like to make new friends and get to know you!

How can I get sponsored by your company?

Our blues, purples, and greens are extremely popular. Our skin tones are also very popular.

What are your best selling tones?

Nuke Milk is our blending white. It mixes well with other colors to create lighter shades and is a medium consistency.  Fatality is our highlighting white. It is formulated to provide extremely bright highlights that heal perfectly and stay vibrant for years.  It is also a medium consistency.

What is the difference between NUKE MILK® and FATALITY WHITE®?

Interstellar has 15% carbon. It is a very versatile black ink that can be used for lining or shading, similar in performance to Dynamic.

Notorious has 11% carbon. It is primarily made for lining but can also be diluted for shading or graywash. It has a thinner consistency than Interstellar. It has been formulated to prevent blowouts, so adjust your pressure if you are used to having to really push the ink in, you don't have to do that with ANY Electrum Ink pigments!

What is the difference between INTERSTELLAR BLACK® and NOTORIOUS BLACK®?

We don't compare our ink to others, it's just different, as it should be. For one, we don't cut our pigment load with unnecessary fillers.  Each tone is masterfully crafted by our chemist for optimum performance. Our purples, greens, and blues, which are often tougher colors to work with, not only go into the skin smoothly, they are formulated so that they saturate perfectly and they also heal beautifully.

What makes Electrum Ink better?

Our inks have a general medium consistency, with the exception of our yellows and browns. Yellows and browns tend to be a bit thinner.

What is the consistency of your inks?

Our inks are powder based pigment and are highly pigmented. This means there are minimal fillers used to maximize pigment load. That's what we mean when we say "PURE UNCUT PIGMENT."

What is the base pigment for your inks?

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